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A Fun Interview for a Coworking Manager

23rd February 2016 Meg George no responses Coworking

One of the projects at George T&D over the last year has been supporting Cheltenham Coworking CIC ( in setting up a coworking space to support local independent workers.

We wanted to appoint someone to work with the coworking community and develop the project. We wanted someone sociable and outgoing, so the interview was a bit different to the norm. I never thought an interview could be fun. But it was.

We had 5 people that came in to do the interview. First off, Pete spoke about what they will be doing if they get the job and about what kind of person we are looking for. After that, we got into the good bit, which was getting to know the candidates. We started off going to each person to lead an ice breaker that they had brought with them.

The first candidate’s ice breaker was that we were given a piece of paper with different things on them like ‘Only child’ and ‘Has a pet. The aim was for us to go round to everyone and see who had done/got those things and put their name into the box against that item. The catch was you can only use a person once. It was a great little game to get us moving and to get us to know people a little better.

The second candidate asked to pick a coloured sweet and depending on what colour you had you would answer a certain question. For example, red was ‘What are you looking forward to most about Christmas?’. Which was another great way to get to know people and also got conversations going.

The third candidate got us to go round in the circle saying our name and something we are passionate about. Which is very interesting as it gives us an insight into who people are.

The fourth candidate’s icebreaker was more of an active thing where you say have to say your name and what you like with an action. For example, ‘I’m Meg, I love working with children *thumbs up*’ But as you go along you have to say/do the things the people before you said/did.

The final candidate asked us what our 3 wishes were and why. (We couldn’t ask for more wishes!). That was another great way to see who people are. It also got us thinking what we would do with a wish and most of the things we said were really nice things.

After the ice breakers we did Lean Coffee. We each had to write down a topic on postit notes that we would like to talk about. Then we each had 3 votes for the topics we wanted to talk about the most. The ones with the most ticks we spoke about. I think the first one was about ‘What would life be like without mobile phones?’. I thought this was an interesting topic and there was a lot of controversy between whether having them was good or not.

What made it fun was that it made us all get involved and chat about daily life stuff. It really helps gives you an insight into people’s lives and what people are like.

All five candidates were really good, although some were not so outgoing and this unusual group interview really helped to reveal just the right person for the job.