Building Effective Teams with Belbin

Course Overview

This one day course combines a theoretical overview of Belbin Team Roles with hands-on team building exercises (solving escape room puzzles) to enable your team to maximise its potential.

The team will learn from their efforts to solve a challenging (but fun) escape room, using Belbin Team Roles theory to guide their learning. They will then put their learning into practice with a second escape room challenge.

The escape rooms have been designed by Escape Rooms Cheltenham to specifically draw out the diversity of Belbin Team Roles.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, each team member will:

  • Understand how Belbin Team Roles theory can be used to build their team

  • Understand their own Team Role tendencies and how to use them effectively to contribute to the success of the team

  • Understand how to utilise team strengths to improve the performance of their team

  • Be able to work more effectively as a team

Course Outline

What to expect from the workshop and escape room
Escape Room Team Challenge 1
Can your team work together to solve the puzzles and escape the room in time
Tea Break
Introduction to Team Roles
Overview of Belbin. What are the nine Belbin Team Roles? How were they discovered? How can Team Roles theory be used to help build teams?
Learning Reflection
Facilitated discussion on the Escape Room exercise. What do we learn from the Escape Room exercise about our team? Which Team Roles do we see in our team? Which roles are missing?What is my contribution to the team? How do we deal with allowable weaknesses?
Team Roles Assessment
A rough self-assessment of each team member. Which Roles do I tend to? Which Roles am I least suited to? How does my self-assessment match up to my team members view of me?
Creating a Balanced Team
Creating a team with a good spread of team roles. Do we have the roles covered? How do we manage with roles we are short on?
Tea Break
Escape Room Team Challenge 2
A new challenge for the team to put into practice what they have learned
Review and Action Steps
What have we learned about how we work together? Where do we go from here? What future actions can the team take to continue to develop

Pre-course Activity

None required

Number of Delegates

Min 3; Max 12


7 Hrs


The course costs £1100 +vat. This includes: Escape Room entry, training material, venue and refreshments

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Course Details

Variable dates to suit - please enquire
9:30 - 17:00
Escape Rooms Cheltenham, Coronation Square, Cheltenham, GL51 7SE

Course Location