Coworkers Quarterly Meeting

A big part of developing Cheltenham Coworking is engaging with members and asking for their ideas as to how they’d like to see the service progress. Every quarter we hold a member’s meeting in which we can share our progress and our aims for the coming months, as well as allowing members to have their say.
In July, we held our second quarterly meeting of the year, which was very kindly hosted by Anna Poulton at Cheltenham Art Office. We wanted to hold the meeting here, as Art Office is one of our valued passport venues and we thought it would be a nice idea for some of our newer members to meet Anna and see the space, as well as allowing her to be more involved in everything we’ve got going on. Anna was a wonderful host and provided some delicious cake!

There were plenty of ideas shared around which has given us a lot to think about. Our main aim at the moment is to host more regular networking events to help bring our members together and create a stronger community of like-minded business men and women. A suggestion that was made to add to this was to hold monthly social evenings that can be completely casual and simply give the members and chance to get to know one another in an informal setting.

I feel this would be a great way to engage with the group and create a better relationship with our members. We could also use this as an opportunity to both bring in new members, and make better connections with other venues, with an idea being to host each evening at different partner or potential partner venues around Cheltenham.
To keep track of all the new events we hope to be hosting, it was suggested that we should create a calendar page on our website where members can easily see what’s coming up, and even book into the events straight from our website. This would allow us to communicate with our members much easier, as I have found that it is sometimes difficult to reach everyone, as everyone has different preferred communication tools, so a page on the website would allow everyone to find out the relevant information at their own convenience. Hopefully, this would also give members the ability to organise and add their own events, as this is definitely something we want to encourage in the future. This is now at: Calendar

Finally, continuing with the work we’ve put in so far with the skills workshops, suggestions for other workshops people would like to see offered were writing for business, getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile, and managing your finances. With this we’d really like to see members hosting their own workshop sessions and sharing their own skills amongst one another.

I felt the meeting was really successful, and we got a lot of positive feedback of how we’re doing which is always nice to hear. I hope that these meetings will continue to bring out further improvements and I hope that members continue to get involved in these sessions to continue to help us progress.

As an extra bonus we were able to go to Deya Brewery afterwards as well!