Family Space

Family Space is an organisation that helps parents in many ways, such as giving them a place to bond, help look after their children when needed, facilities that allow parents who have split up to see their children so that they can bond, help to teach the parents new skills, jog their memory or something new to help them whilst they look after their child for them.

I go and volunteer to help sessions called Stay and Play, as my role I go round making sure everyone is okay and I interact and get to know the parents and their children. I also help the parents who have more than one child to look after if they need a helping hand.

Family space helps to give me new communication skills with different age groups and a sense of a role. It allows me to get more confident and gives me a sense of independence. This is a great way to find out what I want to pursue in the future.

There are also training classes to help develop my skills in this area. They will help with what I can and can’t do. Train me to the best that I can be, and train me how to look after kids properly in a controlled environment by also including the parents.