George T&D is looking for a new Team Coach

Last week I was offered a new job and so, in September, I will be leaving George Training & Development to move to Cambridge.

This new role will see me utilise many skills I have developed over the last year while working for George T&D. I will be interacting with clients, teaching them how Agile works and how it will benefit them when working on an Agile Project. I will also be gathering product requirements and customer feedback so I can turn them into user stories for my development team. Using the knowledge I have gained over the past year, I will be able to teach others how to implement Agile principles and maintain efficiency and quality throughout the software development process.

In relation to personal development, I was able to learn about myself and develop key skills and talents. I participated in a Belbin team exercise to discover the behavioural strengths and weaknesses of the individuals I currently work with. Using the Belbin Team Roles I helped our team to maximise its potential performance and working relationships. This process helped to engage the team and develop existing talent.

Learning the principles and processes of Scrum and gaining my PSM1 qualification has added additional skills to my CV. Working alongside technical teams and supporting individuals has given me knowledge which I will be able to use in the future. My time working with a team and guiding them to meet certain goals has put me in a great position as a project manager. Talking to customers and gathering requirements has also given me experience and a good base to start my Business Analyst career.

Working at George T & D is a great place for anyone looking to pursue a career in business agility and gain essential skills for working with a team.