Hola from Maitane, Creator of CheltenhamWest.com

We love working with people from different backgrounds at Create on the Square and, in particular, have greatly benefited from our language student interns. This summer, we were really fortunate to have Maitane bring her marketing skills to help launch the new CheltenhamWest.com community website, amongst other things. 

Here’s a few words from her:

Hello everybody, I’m Maitane and I’m from Vitoria, Spain. I have been working as a business intern at Create on the Square the last two months, in order to learn some new skills and improve my English.

Some months ago, I decided that I needed to break with my routine and leave my home for a few months, so this is the reason why I arrived at this town; it was the best decision I could have made.

I arrived at Cheltenham in July. That month I was taking some English lessons and after that, in August, I started working at Create. Since the moment I arrived here everybody have been really welcoming and nice with me; during these two months they always have made me feel as I was part of the team. My work has been very varied and enjoyable: working in the newsletter, creating a new website (www.cheltenhamwest.com), helping at the Tea Bar, organizing events…

This months have been really amazing, I have met a lot of new people, my English has improved, at the Tea Bar I have felt as at home and I have learnt a lot of new things.

Thank you to every single people who I have met here, thank you for the unforgettable months I have spent here, it has been an amazing experience!