Meg First – How Meg First came about it

I started working with GeorgeT&D and with their support I started volunteering at different places. One really stood out for me, which was Family Space. I love getting involved and helping them out. As I enjoyed that so much I thought I should try out more things to do with working with children and see what I could do with a job.

I then started babysitting for other people and I really enjoyed doing that as well. In our GeorgeT&D planning meetings we were talking about new businesses and we came up with the idea that I could create a babysitting business. With this I could more money and provide better for myself.

So with the help of the rest of the GeorgeTD staff we came up with a name and a logo. Now we are starting to create a website. But most of it was my ideas but with them guiding and helping me when needed.

So I will be putting more blogs up about the progress on how the business is coming along.