Meg First – How we created the company name and logo

I started off thinking of a name for my company so I could start advertising my services which then would allow me to create a company logo. But I found it hard. So to help me I found a website that if you type in what words you want in your name it’ll come up with suggestions on what names you could pick. It came up with a lot of names but a few of them stood out:-

Future Meg

Dream Meg

Zen Meg

Meg Buddy

Meg Expert

Work Meg

Meg Flow

Play Meg

Perfect Meg

Meg First

Network Meg

Learn Meg

Meg Trust

Extra Meg

So with this list I then narrowed it down with the help of my colleagues by asking them to tick the ones they liked the sound of most. Meg First had the most ticks and I thought it sounded the best as well so that’s how I chose it.

Then by looking at GeorgeT&D website we saw a word made out of magnetic letters. So with that we picked out the letters that made Meg First and chose different backgrounds to see what was best. What we came out with looks good, and you can tell what my company is about when you see it.