Men In Sheds

Since moving office two weeks ago, I’ve been involved in a number of settling in activities, which is how I came to meet 4 lovely men from the Cheltenham based ‘Men in Sheds’ this week.

Initiated in Australia in 1996, and launched in the UK in 2009, Men’s Sheds promotes social get-togethers for retired men focused around completing simple manual tasks (the kind of thing you might do in a shed), such as restoring furniture or fixing lawn mowers. Founded for “shedless” men, the organisation encourages social activities and provides vital health information to its members. The spirit is community and whichever activities are pursued the essence of a Shed is not a building, which some don’t have, but the network of relationships between the members.

Cheltenham ‘Men in Sheds’ agreed to revitalise the garden area on the office patio. I bought new raised beds and plants and they spent the morning recycling the soil, putting together the planters and creating a living display, which look fab.

At the moment the Cheltenham Shedders is looking for a new home. So suggestions of a lock up or suitable premises would be appreciated. For more information contact Phil on his mobile: 07719370528 or email:

Men in Sheds