My experience of working for George T&D – By Beatrice

I am Beatrice and I am 16 years old. I am a italian girl and live in Como that is in northern of  Italy.

I go to the High School where I study international relationship of marketing.

I came in U.K. with two my friends Erika and Cristian that are my classmates in Italy.

We were here for to do an internship and thanks at Inlingua we found “create on the square”.

The first day we arrived at work and found our tutor Tanya that explained us what create on the square do. At the beginning I was very frightened of not be enough able. But with the time and thanks at the people that I met  I get used to stay here.

We took part of a project from the beginning. This consists in doing market researches between local community and find out what they want and need.

It is a very interesting and fascinating experience. In my country knocking on door wouldn’t be possible because people are not helpful and willing as they are here.

Then we created some persona profiles, where we described different people that were looking for new ways and new jobs, trying to achieve an aim.

This was very difficult and Beatrice and I worked hard.

I liked doing that because it helped me practising our written English.

We took part of the Christmas market and we helped Tanya, Megan and Lizzie during the day.

It was one of the best experience I have ever had. It was like we were in a movie. Incredible experience that will be in my heart forever.

A day we went to a meeting in a farm and it was nice, but for me that am shy was difficult talk with people more old than me.

On Friday we did the Laptop Friday, where we shared our project and met many people that do a lot different job.

The project consists in run a Pop Up Shop on Saturdays starting in January.

We worked a lot for this and I loved it. I think it is an amazing idea.

Cristian, Beatrice and I created a web site. It was the first time that we did that.

Then we shared it on social Networks.

So, this is my experience in U.K. specific at Create On The Square where I knew fantastic and generous people that I will remember forever. This period helped me with English particularly to listen it and understand.