My experience of working for George T&D – By Cristian

My internship experience

I’m an Italian boy, I live in a little city in northern Italy and I go to the High School.

This year me and my friends, Erika and Beatrice, decided to have an internship abroad and we asked for it at Inlingua School.

They suddenly found us a place: Create on the Square in Cheltenham.

I never heard about Cheltenham before and I really didn’t know what I was going to do, but I was very happy and excited for this new experience!

We arrived in Cheltenham the 4th December and began working on Monday.. I was a bit scared, but at the same time I was very enthusiastic.

I met lot of wonderful person in Create on the Square.. Tanya, Lizzie, Megan, Pete.. everybody has always been lovely and kind.. and it was all fantastic!

We are in charge of the development of the Pop up Shop Project.

Our first aim is to figured out what people of community really need and we began knocking on door and ask question to who lives there and in the market on Friday, to acquire more information as possible.

Then we started at looking for people who would like to run a pop up shop; we talked with lot of people and we took part a meeting of Gloucestershire Businessman and “Laptop Friday” at Smokey Joe’s.

Our intent is to let the Pop up Shop Project begin on Saturday in January.

I’m sure this experience has been very useful to me, and it will be important for my future; I learnt a lot about British people and their culture, and I will come back to England very soon.

I’m grateful to everybody that helped and supported me during this fantastic experience.

I will leave Cheltenham the 23th of December and I will come back here for just one week in January but I won’t forget all those wonderful people that I met during this journey.