Promoting Coworking at Glos Business Show


For the last 10mths, George T&D have been supporting Cheltenham Coworking CIC, a new not-for-profit social enterprise. As part of this, we recently attended the Glos Business Show at the Cheltenham Racecourse, to help promote Cheltenham Coworking and the new coworking space, Create on the Square, which will be opening in July.

We were working with Tanya, who is employed by Cheltenham Coworking to support the people using the Create on the Square coworking space. We provided roller banners, leaflets and business cards to help explain what the business was all about and also brought our computer, so that people could sign up as Coworking members if they wanted. This meant that when people were looking around it was a lot easier to find us and we got quite a few people that came over to talk to us. I think it was a pretty good turnout and 25 people signed up as coworking members on the first day, which was great.

Coworking is for people that are running independent business’ (and anyone else who wants to be involved) to have the chance to work and connect with other people. As they may be working from home and not meeting very many people, it is a good opportunity to share ideas and collaborate on new ones with other people.

If I am honest, I really thought the show would be boring, but it wasn’t at all. I met a lot of new people and talking to them, getting to know them and what they do, was great fun. It was also great talking about what Cheltenham Coworking is all about and so many people thought it was a really good idea. That is one of the best things about working for George T&D, that we get to support organisations that are really making a positive impact on our society.