Reflections on my internship

For the last 6 months I have been working at George T&D doing an internship. It consisted of me getting work experience, training and figuring what I want to do in the future for a job. I helped to build George T&D’s brand, volunteered for different charities we support and also blogged about my experience as I went along.

One of the charities I spent a lot of time with is FamilySpace, who work with local families in Cheltenham.

Over the Summer, I helped in some activities that were different to normal term time. First of all there was a picnic day for the Time-out mums. They brought all their children to come along to chat, play, do some art & craft and also have some food.

On one of the weeks there was a lady that came in and we made underwater experiences out of shoe boxes. This helped the parents to engage with their children and to get the kids thinking creatively.

Another day I helped at was Stay-and-play and Wigglyworm. At Stay-and-play the parents again could bring all of their children to come play, do some puzzles or just chat. Afterwards the families had a meal for free. This aimed to bring everyone together or for parents that don’t have much money to feed their kids, and also share in the experience with everyone else.

On Saturday 19th September,Family Space had an anniversary party celebrating 20 years. They had a BBQ, bouncy castle, crafts and even the Music Man came. It was a really good turn out, over 200 people came and that wasn’t including the volunteers.

I helped out with the BBQ by slicing the buns in half. I also went around making sure everyone was having a good time and just seeing if people were generally okay. It was a great event and if you came I think you would agree with me.

Volunteering at Family Space has helped me realise I would love to work with children as a career. Along the way I have started a babysitting business, MegFirst, and have created my own website (, Twitter and Facebook pages to promote it.

The next step is now to figure out what job I would want to do involving children, but in the meantime I’m carrying on working for George T&D in a new role, which involves more responsibility. I’ll still be running MegFirst though and working with FamilySpace.