The Benefits of Create on the Square

George T&D started renting out a space at the Resource Centre at Coronation Square in 2015. Then, on 13th August 2016, we had our first day in our new venue called Create on the Square.


We are still carrying on with coworking, but now in the Create venue. It was great renting our room at the Resource Centre, but it was time for us to move on and venture out. So that’s what we are doing now. We are also working with the Axiom Arts Co in a joint venture.

Create isn’t just about Coworking. Axiom also hold events every week like Crazy Crafters and a Sling Library. They help bring the community together and help with the regeneration of Coronation Square. We have more events lined up, but are taking it one step at a time, which will help us move forward more effectively.

With leasing a unit we are able to make it look the way we like, which we didn’t have the opportunity to do when we rented out a room. We have our logo colours all over. We are able to add and change things when we like and when is needed. Also it makes holding meetings a lot easier as we can just have them in a time slot that suits us and we don’t have to worry about someone else needing the space.


Our aim is to help regenerate the Square together with the local community. We feel that working together and doing things together makes more sense than doing it by yourself. You might be able to do things faster, but the outcome isn’t as good as doing it with the community.