Youth Work Apprenticeship – The Beginning

Starting in March 2017, I will be doing an apprenticeship in youth work. It will be at Create on the Square, where I’ll be based mostly. I need to achieve a certain criteria to be able to get the qualification.

I am already helping out at Family Space on a Monday morning, looking after kids aged 0-5 years old, and I nanny for twins aged 1. I run the Code Club at Create every Tuesday, for 8-11yrs, and make sure that runs smoothly.

I am also working with the Aston Project, with a bunch of youths, aged 14+, who want to start a youth club. I will be helping them in order to make that work. I will not be telling them what to do, but I will be guiding them in order to keep it going.

We have had a few meetings already to get to know them and to see what it is that they want. They came up with things like Games Night and Funky Warehouse. Some of these things will be at Create. Others will cost a lot more and that means they will have to think of ways to fundraise to make it happen.

I will guide them in order to do these things. First I have made a plan for them for each month so they know roughly what they will be doing when. The next time I see them I will tell them the prices and what needs to be done before any of these events can go through. I have made sure that I have made a clear timescale, so they know when to do things, in order for things to run smoothly.

Once the meet is done, we will have agreed to the things that are needed. All that needs to be done now is to finalise everything and make sure any changes are made to the correct procedures.

I will be blogging more about my progress in youth work soon.